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Sep 5, 2017

Xingyiquan Cultivating Internal Power Fajing 形意拳 爆炸力

Xingyiquan 形意拳, the Chinese martial art

Demonstrating Xingyiquan taught by Master Feng Zhengbao 冯正宝, a disciple of Master Xu Wenzhong 徐文忠, who was a disiple of Song Style Xingyi 宋氏形意拳 Master Song Tielin 宋铁麟.

English translation of Xingyiquan is "Form Mind Boxing".

It is related to internal martial art 内家拳.  Taichi 太極拳 and Baguazhang 八卦掌(Eight Trigram Fist) are also famous internal martial arts.  They are sometimes called soft style.  

Another style is external martial art 外家拳, the hard style.
Martial arts which emphasize mostly on physical training, building muscles and strengthening bones, are called external martial art.  

Internal martial arts emphasize on mind training 内功 to cultivate internal power 内勁.  The basic Xingyiquan trainings are Zhuang gong 樁功(standing still) and practicing Five Element Fists 五行拳 and Twelve Animals Fists 十二形拳.  Also practice sequences such as Five element Linked forms五行連環拳, Eight Forms Set 八式拳, Twelve Flooding Punches 十二洪捶, and etc. 
After decades of training when form and mind are harmonized, you will be able to Fajing發勁 ( powerful fist without using muscle force), transform Qi into strong force like explosion 爆炸力.