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Sep 27, 2013

Qigong for Lungs Prevents Cold and Flu

益氣養肺功 Qigong for Lungs

Yi Qi and Yang Fei (益氣, 養肺) means replenishing Qi and nourishing the lungs.

Practicing Lung Qigong is for strengthening the lungs 

in the Autumn.  The breathing exercises will replenish your Qi and 

strengthen your respiratory system.  Replenishing Qi can also 

make your immune system stronger.  So, practice the Lungs 

Qigong to prevent catching colds and flu during cold season.  After 

a long hot summer, the temperature suddenly dropped down and 

many people are finding themselves catching cold and flu now.   

Try to keep your body warm, eat nutritious food, and sleep well 

may help prevent cold and flu infections.    

It is also important to reduce the stress because stress may 

weaken your immune system.  Qigong help many people to relax  

the mind and the body and reduces the stresses.  Qigong also may help strengthen the immune system.

Higanbana is an Autumn flower.  Higan means three days before and after Spring and Autumn Equinox.