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Sep 23, 2018

Healing Sound for Taichi and Qigong

Relaxing music gives peaceful mind and good energy.

Music is combination of sounds having melody, rhythm, or harmony. Sound is an energy as well as Qi (Chi). We may feel the energy of the music. Sound of music does not only come in to our ears. We can feel it with our body. We often use relaxation music for Taichi and Qigong for relaxing body and mind or for easier meditation.

Here is a video of marimba music. This talented marimba player K-Ta not only having skillful hands, he also can emit his energy to the instrument through his mallets. His energy transforms to the sounds. The listeners can have peaceful mind and joyful time.

Music has potential benefits for health and wellbeing.
Some studies show Listening to music has following good effects:

helps lower your stress level 
reduces depression and eases anxiety
assist healing energy to release from your body
reduce pain
promotes the body to strengthen immune system
helps regulate emotion, creates happiness, joy, excitement, and more
balance your life
improves. sleep quality, helps fall asleep faster
improves cognition
improves work out, yoga, and other exercise