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Aug 9, 2013

Feel the Qi (Life Energy) of Tree in Hawaii

Qi of Tree  

Trees have energy, just like other living things.  And we can feel their energy. 

Hawaiian trees have strong life energy.  They are much stronger than those of trees in Tokyo.  Perhaps because Hawaii has a very good enviroment.  There are some huge banyan trees in Waikiki.  One is in Sheraton Moana Surfrider Hotel.   Another tree is in International Market Place.  They are over one hundred years old.

There is a banyan tree in Ala Moana Beach Park in front of the shopping center.  When I went under the tree, I was surrounded by a strong heat.  It was in the evening with cool breeze.  Oviously, no sunlight, no source of heat energy around there.  It must be the life energy ot the tree.  When I walked about 4ft away from the tree trunk, the heat was week.  I went under the branches, then walk away from the tree.  Tested several times.  It’s like a barrier.  I felt very warm and comfortable near the banyan tree.  I must have absorved it’s healing energy.