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May 19, 2013

Meditation Rujing(入静)

Understanding Rujing(入靜)in  Taichi and Qi Gong

In Chinese martial arts and Chinese medicine, there is a concept of rujingRujing means to get into the mental state which your mind if tranquil and peaceful.  This mental state can be achieved by meditation.  

Rujing is equivalent to Buddhist mental state of Samadhi.  In Chinese medicine, the state of rujing is believed to give various positive effects on human health.  For example, in the state of rujing, your brain can take a rest.  When people are not in the state of rujing, people continuously have various emotions such as anger, sorrow, and excitement.  These emotions can give stress to their mind/brain.  Some people may think that having sensation and excitement is good but even pleasurable sensation and excitement are form of stresses and continuously having these sensations will tire one’s mind and brain.  When people’s mind gets tired, people may have emotional problems, depression, or hallucination.  The extreme stress on one’s mind can affect one’s body negatively as contemporary medical science has proven.  For example, people who have extreme mental stress may have intestinal problems.  Therefore, by constantly having the state of rujing, one can have healthy body in addition to healthy mind.  Other than giving positive impacts on internal organs, rujing can give positive effects on one’s muscles, tendons, joints, and blood vessels because when one’s brain is relaxed, one’s whole body is relaxed as well.  When human body is relaxed, it will naturally heal its problems.  Therefore, by frequently being in the state of rujing, some people could cure their physical problems such as back muscle ache and knee joint problem.