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Aug 4, 2015

Japanese Tradition: Fireworks in Summer 日本的夏天


Summer starts after the rainy season(Monsoon梅雨) in Japan.  Summer in Japan is usually humid, hot, and uncomfortable.  People endure by hearing nice and cool sounds of  "Edo Furin(江戸風鈴)" the Japanese glass wind chime, or watching fire flies(蛍). Big fire works, festivals(祭り), and "Obon(お盆)"--- are probably the best things in summer.  

Celebrating "Obon" (or Bon Festival) is one of the most important Japanese tradition.  It was originally a Buddhist ceremony in which people welcome back the sprits of ancestors and also loved ones who passed away.  

Firework Festivals (花火大会) started in 18th century during Edo Era (江戸時代).  It was for comforting the souls of the dead(鎮魂).  Japanese fire works are beautiful and magnificent which also comfort people who watch them. 

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