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Oct 31, 2015

Halloween Scary Night in Tokyo

Happy Halloween!  万圣节快乐

Halloween became a strange ritual in Japan.  Young adults wear Halloween costumes and go out.  There is no "trick or treats". 

They start gathering to Shibuya station in the evening.  This photo was taken before 7:00PM on October 30 2016.  There were full of disguised people and couldn't walk.  Couldn't even see the ground .  More people gather in night and go wild every year.  There were so many police men this year telling them not to stop on the street and keep moving.  It may be scary to walk in the crowd.  Foreign tourists also come watch them. 

The department stores, small shops, and car drivers are complaining about this phenomenon.  They wonder why Halloween has changed into wild party for adults.  Probably no one knows the origin and history of Halloween.      

2016 Halloween Night in Shibuya Tokyo 

This Halloween movie was created for the "Best of One to One" as a member of Apple Store One to One in 2014 in November.  


There are five scenes: Ghosts coming out of Omotesando Apple Store.  Scary dark Hall.  Purple haunted room.  Green room with a witch, black cat, and an alien   The last room is called Pumpple room. Pumpkin x apple = pumpple 

Apple motion 5 was used for visual effects. 

Logic Pro 10 can create the spooky music using Apple loops.

And Final Cut Pro 10 were used to  this Halloween movie. 

Thanks to Apple Store trainers in Shibuya and Omotesando who taught me how to use these applications and made me able to create such video! 

Still learning and wishing they would continue a good service like one to one membership in the future.