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Nov 8, 2013

Qigong for Anti-aging and Health : 5 and 6

Eight Direction Exercise Part 2 

Movement 5 and 6

5. Earth Energy and Sky Energy Flowing inside the Body

Return feet to shoulder width apart.  Inhale, imagining opening your body to new chi気, and raise your arms up to the sky.  Imagine a beautiful natural scenery; ocean, mountains, and sky.

As the hands reach the sky, exhale, imagining bai hui百會 (crown of the head) receiving chi energy天気 from the sky and going down from head to the chest to the abdomen and then to the legs.

Press the hands down while exhaling, bending forward at the waist and reaching the hands down to the feet.  When fully bent forward, draw circles on the ground with the hands, imagining earth energy地氣 inside the ground.

Inhale, stading up, imagining earth energy rising up through the legs into the dantian丹田.

Standing erect, draw arms in front of the abdomen in a horizontal circular motion; imagining chi氣 circling through the internal organs and returning to the belly button.  Exhale, placing  the backs of the hands together in front of the chest, then rotating hands inwards towards the chest in a vertical circle.  

Continue to rotate the hands down pointing towards the ground while simultaneously lowering them toward the ground; imaging chi going down through the body.  With the arms fully extended, inhalerotating the arms upwards at the shoulder until the arms are pointing the sky.  

Look up at the fingers with the chin pointing up as well  Exhale, lowering the hands to the side of the body, imagining chi氣 going down to the dantian丹田
6.  Pushing the Wall Behind
Standing with feet at shoulder width on the balls of the toes, bend wrists back as far as they can.  Inhaling, tighten the glutes, standing up on the balls of the toes, and rotating arms backwards at the shoulder.  Exhale, lowering the heels, relax wrists and returning arms to original position.