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Jun 2, 2013

Meditation Rujing8入靜) 2

入靜方法 (Method to get into rujing)

One of the easiest methods to attain rujing is to practice Daoist standing meditation.  First, one needs to stand straight and open legs to shoulders width.  One should make sure that his/her back is straight but relaxed.  Arms should be dropped naturally and knees must be relaxed and bent slightly.  Next, imagine that one has cluster of energy in dantian (丹田) which is the lower belly.  Try to relax whole body as much as possible and feel the energy inside dantian.  Breathe naturally and do not try to control breathing intentionally.  As one breathes naturally and feel energy in dantian, one should start to feel calm and mentally peaceful.  There may be a moment that one feels totally selfless and mind is clear that there is no thought.  This is the state of rujing.  When one is tired, he/she may feel sleepy.  If one becomes sleepy he/she should stop standing meditation and lie down and go to sleep because his/her body is requiring sleep.