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Jun 20, 2013

Qigong May Bring a Good Fortune and Health

Qi 氣 Part 1

Qi is an energy that is often explained as a life energy in Taichi and Qigong.  However, qi is actually more than simple life energy that flows all over the universe.  Daoists believe that even your luck can be determined by what kind of qi you have.  Kinds of qi can be classified into positive qi and negative qi. 
Positive qi can make your body healthy and strong.  It also makes your mind calm and happy.  The positive qi can also improve your luck.  However, negative qi can make your body sick and your mind depressed or anxious. 
Also, the negative qi can downturn your luck.  Qi can be guided by your mind.  If your mind is happy, you naturally attract positive qi and if you are unhappy, you naturally attract negative qi.  Therefore, even in hard time, it is believed to be better to maintain optimism and be happy so that you attract positive qi, which improve your luck.