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Jun 26, 2013

Get rid of negative energy

氣 Qi Part 2

It may be difficult for many people to maintain mental happiness and optimism in bad time.  As a result, many people tend to attract more negative qi and downturn their luck even more.  Therefore, to improve your luck in bad time, when you do Qigong or Taichi, you have to try to forget about the issues you are facing while you practice them.

 After finish practicing Qigong or Taichi, you can think about the issues but while you are practicing Qigong or Taichi, you have to try to empty your mind (万虑抛 get rid of various thoughts) and feel comfortable.  Even if you cannot get rid of negative thoughts completely, it is better than practicing Qigong or Taichi with the mental state that is totally distracted by the issues that are in your mind.  In fact, when you have an issue, you may think too much about the issue but if you do not think about it ,  just for ten to fifteen minutes, your mind may get refreshed and you may be able to deal with your issue with new perspective.

Jun 20, 2013

Qigong May Bring a Good Fortune and Health

Qi 氣 Part 1

Qi is an energy that is often explained as a life energy in Taichi and Qigong.  However, qi is actually more than simple life energy that flows all over the universe.  Daoists believe that even your luck can be determined by what kind of qi you have.  Kinds of qi can be classified into positive qi and negative qi. 
Positive qi can make your body healthy and strong.  It also makes your mind calm and happy.  The positive qi can also improve your luck.  However, negative qi can make your body sick and your mind depressed or anxious. 
Also, the negative qi can downturn your luck.  Qi can be guided by your mind.  If your mind is happy, you naturally attract positive qi and if you are unhappy, you naturally attract negative qi.  Therefore, even in hard time, it is believed to be better to maintain optimism and be happy so that you attract positive qi, which improve your luck.  

Jun 9, 2013

Wuji in Taichi(Taijiquan) and Qigong

Wuji  無極

                When you practice Taichi (Taiji) stances, you first start from Wuji.  In Wuji, you stand straight but your whole body must be relaxed and your mental state must be in rujingWuji is the state of things in which yin and yang are totally harmonized that the things are neither yin nor yang.  According to Daoist cosmology, before the universe exists, the world was in the state of Wuji.  At this point, not only things but even emptiness did not exist.  When Taiji, which is yin and yang, emerged, existence and emptiness emerged.  From this point, everything in the universe emerged.  However, the universe will gradually decay and in the end, the universe goes back to the state of Wuji.  The universe than grows again thus there is an endless cycle of emergence and decay of the universe.  In Daoist cosmology, a human body is considered as a small universe.  Therefore, when a person practices Taichi, the person is supposed to follow this principle of growth and the decay of the universe.  Thus, before you begin Taichi, your body must be in the state of Wuji.  Your body is in the state of Wuji when your mind is in rujing because when you get into rujing, yin and yang of your body is completely harmonized that your body is neither yin nor yang.  Daoists believe that your mental state affects your physical state.  When your mind is in rujing, your mind is supposed to be empty and this leads your body to be relaxed and rested.  When you begin the Taichi movement, you can start flow your qi by using your imagination and at this point your mind is not empty so that your body is not in Wuji.  When you have imagination, your body is activated by your images so that your body has cycle of yin and yang which is Taiji.  After you finish all the movements, you go back to original posture and empty your mind again so that your mind goes into rujing again.  By taking this process, your body imitates that cycle of birth and return of the universe and Daoists believe imitating this cycle can enhance one’s physical and mental health.

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Jun 2, 2013

Meditation Rujing8入靜) 2

入靜方法 (Method to get into rujing)

One of the easiest methods to attain rujing is to practice Daoist standing meditation.  First, one needs to stand straight and open legs to shoulders width.  One should make sure that his/her back is straight but relaxed.  Arms should be dropped naturally and knees must be relaxed and bent slightly.  Next, imagine that one has cluster of energy in dantian (丹田) which is the lower belly.  Try to relax whole body as much as possible and feel the energy inside dantian.  Breathe naturally and do not try to control breathing intentionally.  As one breathes naturally and feel energy in dantian, one should start to feel calm and mentally peaceful.  There may be a moment that one feels totally selfless and mind is clear that there is no thought.  This is the state of rujing.  When one is tired, he/she may feel sleepy.  If one becomes sleepy he/she should stop standing meditation and lie down and go to sleep because his/her body is requiring sleep.