Hawaiian Relaxation, Qi energy, Taichi and Qigong, health exercise

Jan 28, 2013


Qi Gong Trainings for Martial Arts

I taught new students: a young man and a woman.   The male student wants to learn internal martial arts which focus on internal training rather than muscle work out.  The female student wants to learn how to  get rid of the tension of the muscles and relax the joints as she has stiff shoulders and neck and also suffer from migraine.

First explained about a few important acupuncture points and taught how to find them.  Her legs were also very stiff and felt a little pain on leg acu-points.  Taught them foot and leg massage before starting the shoulder exercise.

They practiced pressing fingers exercise to stretch shoulders and correct the posture.  Then practiced Ying Yang Bafang Gong(阴阳八方功).

I taught both of them martial art Xing Yi Quan(形意拳 )'s basic posture, Santi Shi(三体式) and Hun Yuan Zhuang(浑元桩).  Santi shi training will help improve the martial art skill.  It also helps improve Taichi(太极拳), especially push hands.  These training can also be practiced as Qi Gong(气功) for health and longevity.