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Jun 9, 2013

Wuji in Taichi(Taijiquan) and Qigong

Wuji  無極

                When you practice Taichi (Taiji) stances, you first start from Wuji.  In Wuji, you stand straight but your whole body must be relaxed and your mental state must be in rujingWuji is the state of things in which yin and yang are totally harmonized that the things are neither yin nor yang.  According to Daoist cosmology, before the universe exists, the world was in the state of Wuji.  At this point, not only things but even emptiness did not exist.  When Taiji, which is yin and yang, emerged, existence and emptiness emerged.  From this point, everything in the universe emerged.  However, the universe will gradually decay and in the end, the universe goes back to the state of Wuji.  The universe than grows again thus there is an endless cycle of emergence and decay of the universe.  In Daoist cosmology, a human body is considered as a small universe.  Therefore, when a person practices Taichi, the person is supposed to follow this principle of growth and the decay of the universe.  Thus, before you begin Taichi, your body must be in the state of Wuji.  Your body is in the state of Wuji when your mind is in rujing because when you get into rujing, yin and yang of your body is completely harmonized that your body is neither yin nor yang.  Daoists believe that your mental state affects your physical state.  When your mind is in rujing, your mind is supposed to be empty and this leads your body to be relaxed and rested.  When you begin the Taichi movement, you can start flow your qi by using your imagination and at this point your mind is not empty so that your body is not in Wuji.  When you have imagination, your body is activated by your images so that your body has cycle of yin and yang which is Taiji.  After you finish all the movements, you go back to original posture and empty your mind again so that your mind goes into rujing again.  By taking this process, your body imitates that cycle of birth and return of the universe and Daoists believe imitating this cycle can enhance one’s physical and mental health.

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