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Nov 11, 2013

Qigong for Anti-aging and Health 7, 8

Eight Direction Exercise 阴阳八方功

Movement 7 and 8

7.  Energy come in from Danzhong 膻中穴
Bring forearms together in front of the chest, palms, facing the chest, hands in a fist, elbows and forearms tight to the body.  Inhale, rotate arms outwards, keeping elbows pinned to the ribcage and rotating the fists outwards towards the shoulders, stretching the muscles around the scapula.  Exhale

8.  Open the window
Returning to the original position in a reverse motion.
Place hands together in a praying posture in front of the chest. Push hands out from the body in a horizontal circular motion until they are parallel to the body.  Fully extend the arms as much as possible to stretch the chest and arm muscles.  Return arms to original position.