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Jan 3, 2014

Martial Arts for Health

Health is essential to happiness

Happy New Year!  

2014甲午  is a year of the horse.  

Wishing everyone healthy and prosperous year 2014.

They are the violent scary demons called Namahage.  They come down from the mountain to visit every home to scare bad people.  They will bring good fortune and prosper.  It's a ritual in Oga Peninsula, Akita Prefecture(Northern area of Japan with heavy snow in the winter) on New Year's Eve.  

Health and well-being is important to our lives.  Exercise is essential to the health.  In this video, Namahages are training the Chinese martial art called Bagua 八卦掌 (Eight Trigram Fists) for health.  The famous Baguazhang masters lived healthy long life.  The training may help maintain the health to become active seniors. 

More story is on YouTube.