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Jun 26, 2013

Get rid of negative energy

氣 Qi Part 2

It may be difficult for many people to maintain mental happiness and optimism in bad time.  As a result, many people tend to attract more negative qi and downturn their luck even more.  Therefore, to improve your luck in bad time, when you do Qigong or Taichi, you have to try to forget about the issues you are facing while you practice them.

 After finish practicing Qigong or Taichi, you can think about the issues but while you are practicing Qigong or Taichi, you have to try to empty your mind (万虑抛 get rid of various thoughts) and feel comfortable.  Even if you cannot get rid of negative thoughts completely, it is better than practicing Qigong or Taichi with the mental state that is totally distracted by the issues that are in your mind.  In fact, when you have an issue, you may think too much about the issue but if you do not think about it ,  just for ten to fifteen minutes, your mind may get refreshed and you may be able to deal with your issue with new perspective.