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Sep 5, 2016

What is Hunyuan 渾元樁

Hun Yuan 渾元(混元)

​Hunyuan (渾元) means the all.  There is an idea from pre-modern China that the universe is round shape and everything inside it is interrelated to each other.  Therefore, hunyuan means round and all.  In a Chinese martial art called Xingyiquan, there is a physical training method called Hunyuanzhuang (渾元樁).  In this training, one can feel the connection of one’s whole body by standing quietly at one posture.  Xingyiquan emphasizes the importance of using whole body to execute force.  For example, even when we strike our opponent by our hand, we are encouraged to use whole body strength.  In order to lead our whole body strength to our hand, we have to connect our whole body.  By doing Hunyuanzhuang, we can naturally program our whole body to be connected.  By connecting our whole body, we can use our whole body strength even when we move one part of our body to execute enormous strength.