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Feb 9, 2016

Inviting Good Fortunes

Happy Chinese New Year!  恭喜發財


Making Setsubun animation with Apple motion, pages, final cut pro, and logic pro in Apple Store Shibuya.

Can you hear the ogres saying, "Oishisou, oishisou(yummy, yummy)" and " Hoshii, hoshii (give me, give me)".

Setsbun(節分) is a Japanese festival in the beginning of February just before the beginning of spring 立春, the first solar term.  People throw dried soy beans to the ogres(beasts) to get rid of them

and invite the Otafuku(お多福)into their home. The Otafuku means many good fortunes.  Ogres represent bad fortunes and sickness.  Also, stick a smelly dried fish head on a holly and put it in front of the house entrance so the ogres won't come in.  In Osaka area, each person faces the lucky direction of the year and eat a big sushi roll which is uncut called "Ehomaki恵方巻き" silently.  "Ehomaki" means lucky direction roll.  Today, the habit of eating a sushi roll "Ehomaki" became  popular in Tokyo and other cities in Japan after 7-Eleven(セブンイレブン) started selling them in many cities.