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Mar 23, 2014

Xing Yi Long Spear (Xingyi Quan) 形意大枪

Xingyi Long Spear is a weapon used in Xingyi Quan(also called Xingyi Boxing 形意拳)


Xingyiquan(Hsing I Ch'uan) is a famous internal martial art.
Xingyi(形意)means form and intent.  Xingyi Quan does not use muscle force.  Fa Jing(發勁), a strong power like sudden explosion is the technique used in Xingyi.  The coordination of form and intent is necessary.  It is advanced skill of Chinese martial arts which can be acquired by internal training.  Xingyi also requires long patient training.  

Xingyi Qhuan consists of Wuxing Quan(Five Elements Fists 五行拳) and Twelve Animal Fists(十二形拳).  Wuxing Quan is the basic and important forms which came from the spear technique.  

Xingyi Long Spear (形意大槍) is difficult to control as it is much longer and heavier than standard size spears.  Xingyi martial artists practice long spear forms to improve Wuxing Quan and produce powerful Fa Jing.  

Demonstrated in Honolulu Hawaii
The Xing Yi Quan was passed down from Master Wenzhong Xu 徐文忠
(the disciple of Master Song Gao Lu 盧崇高) to Master Zhengbao Feng 馮正宝, 
then to his disciples in Tokyo