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Feb 1, 2014

Qi Gong ( Maintaining Healthy State of Mind and Body)

Laozi Teaching Qi Cultivation for Health, Ant-aging, and Longivity

This is a phrase from Dao De Jing (Laozi) 道徳経 chapter 3:

虛其心, 實其腹, 弱其志, 強其骨  

It can be applied for way of health and longevity 養生之道. The phrase is expressing an ideal state of mind and body.

虛其心 ...   your mind is clear and have no worries
實其腹 ...   you have eaten enough and you are not starving 
弱其志 ...   you have no craving because you are content with what you have    
強其骨 ...   your body is strong and healthy

If a ruler of a country is governing the country well, people of the country will have these physical and mental states.
This ideal state of mind and body is required to do Qi cultivation.

When your mind is clear and you have no worries, you can focus your mind on the Qi training(Qi Gong 気功).
If you are focused,  your lower belly Dan Tian 下丹田will be filled with Qi (life energy).
When you are not craving, your mind can stay peaceful and focus on Qi cultivation.
The Qi cultivation will strengthen your body (helps anti-aging, strengthen immunity and stay healthy).
Without strong body, one cannot continue Qi cultivation.

The wild horse is on the narcissus field with blue sky and mountains.  There are plenty of food for him. His belly is very big.  He is fulfilled and happy without any stresses.